The First of Many Struggles


Hi all!

SO, it’s been a crazy-ass weekend! Beauty and the Beast came out Woo! ❤️ IT was SHAMAZING! So beautiful!! I was so sceptical about seeing it based on trailers. Nope, was so magical and beautiful 😻

Anyway, there was also Comic-Con 😻and on top of that, the comic con ticket holders got free entry, THAT’S FREEEEE entry to the Sewing Con, Cake Con, and the Hobbycraft Con. Oh my gosh my bank balance and my eyes. There was so many creative and talented people, I was enormously jealous!

A few pictures

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So, onto the reason for the title!

Well, I have this idea right? For a new Cosplay ❤️

It’s in my head, the materials for the costume itself are present.

The skill??? The skill, is not present.

Aye, aye, aye! What a nightmare

Okay, I can’t read patterns, I have about a dozen in storage, but, whenever I try and use them, my mind goes into meltdown. I just can’t do them!

I tried-I failed. I tried again, I failed again. I sent messages to my friends saying I’m gonna give up. I want to give up. Why did I ever decide to start this!

I also, decided to cut myself using the rotary blade 😭💔 (not intentionally but you know)

Then I sat for about 5 minutes feeling sorry for myself, and I snapped. I said ‘NO! YOU ARE NOT A QUITTER’. And I’m not 😉

I searched online for an easier method. I found one, why didn’t I look before! I would’ve saved around £7!!


Cue spam of pictures:

Using the mannequin to create my own pattern
Using scrap fabric to ‘see’ it
Starting to go together!


PLEASE do not judge my sewing, this is purely to see what panels I need and how it would look!

Instructables is a marvellous place! Link at bottom of page 😻

So anyway, it started to look like a corset right? I think so. I thought so, until, I made the crucial error of machine washing Muslin. Yup, you read that right. I machine washed Muslin.

Let me explain, I didn’t realise 😂 I wanted to test my fabric dye to make sure it was the right colour. As you can see from the video below. It


FAILED! Hugely, it didn’t just fail…it ruined the fabric completely 😂

But hey! At least I know it looks like a corset 😂😂😂

So day 2 shall consist of using the fabric I used for Loki’s coat (stretch Vynl) purely for the reason it’s a hell of a lot stronger!

I shall update in due course ❤️❤️❤️

Link to instructables (

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