Horse issues! 

Hey all!

So a bit of an insight into my little life.

I have 3 horses, two geldings and one mare.

A gelding??? Ha…well, gelding number one needed his eye removed, fair enough, things happen.

As spring came around, he became a bit more ‘woah! Wtf’ no one could ride him, we then got the vet out because we just couldn’t handle him and he was becoming dangerous. I asked the vet to do a rig test (testerone test even though he’s not suppose to have any bollocks!)

So we did, 5 days later I get a lovely text from the vet saying ‘hi Hun, you’ll never believe it, the test came back positive’

I then started laughing, since day 1 I’ve questioned ‘are you sure he’s not a rig????’

And there we go…he’s a rig.

I couldn’t believe it…our issues got worst, I was like omg the insurance says gelding…how can I afford scans, rectum (yuck) examinations, all this..when he’s supposed to be a gelding!! 😱😭💔

I rang the lady I got him from, she’s lovely said she’ll pay for everything, she’s so sorry, we’re all in shock!

Moving on, I visit my darling boy yesterday, and he acts like a dick! Okay, he acts like a stallion…

Now the first two videos are adorable



Desperate for some action with the mare 😂



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