Lets make a Corset part 2


Previously I stated I just CANNOT follow sewing patterns.

I also stated…I hate quitting, and hate giving up…

It had been over a week, due to holidays, horses, and just sheer lack of motivation.

I looked at the mess which was on my mannequin. I looked at the corset pattern (bag), I looked back at my mannequin. I shouted at myself “YOU WILL DO THIS…”

This is a Mock btw…

So here we go:

Step 1:

With the Moana soundtrack playing in the background (love it) I pulled out the table, pulled out the pattern, grabbed the scissors, and cut the pattern pieces…fuck tracing, that creates too much room for error!

Step 1
The look of terror on my face is not shown 😂
Seeing what's what
I work best when I can see progress.


Step 2:

After I pinned and observed, I got the fabric out (eek), I cut the fabric, pinned it back to the mannequin. Thought, okay this is good, but why do I need 2x of each one? how does that work. (Can you tell I hadn’t read the instructions yet LOL)

Step 3:

After I set the sewing machine up, I actually sat down and read the instructions. I understood sort of what to do. I picked up the piece that was marked number 1. I started panicking. I even messaged my friends going “this isn’t going to work…I can’t do this…”

I slapped myself inside, and I got on with it! I didn’t stop until I done the first 3 pieces.

I was so proud of myself. I did make one mistake! The thread kept snapping, so I lowered the tension, I lowered it too much!!

When the tension is too LOW !

I moaned NO, unpinned it all and raised the tension a bit more.

Much better

Much neater 

Step 4- Observation

As I said earlier, I work best when I see progress! After I had sewn it all together apart from the bra, I laid it over my gate. I started to smile, it looked like a corset.

Laying it out to view, please ignore the mess behind 😂

BUT -did it fit like a corset. I placed it over my fat, over my extremely large waist. and I cried. I cried knowing that I finally got somewhere. I made my first MOCK corset. YAAAAAAY

I then put it on the mannequin (WHICH BTW, IS FAR TOO SMALL FOR ME NOW…) The fucker double wrapped around my mannequin -.- damn life, damn stress and DAMN EMOTIONAL EATING!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The next challenge is decoding this, and adding the bra…


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