My Beautiful Boy 🌈

This is a very hard post to write.

It’s best to write in a diary sort of style:

Previously on Horse watch:

The gorgeous boy loses an eye, he then turns out to be a TRUE rig (testosterone present) – he definitely acted like a stallion…

We agreed to send him to a sanctuary where he was going to be a therapy horse for autistic adults and children ( HE HAD THE BIGGEST HEART ever ❤️)

Here we go…


Lady agrees he’s beautiful and perfect for the sanctuary. Takes him same day. He arrives and goes galloping over the 21 acres he has to himself (includes trees and streams, proper horse heaven)


Lady tells us ‘some how, during the night he jumped a 6ft fence, challenge the neighbouring herd leader, won, and is now the leader of the herd, it’s fine, he’s fine, I’ll just watch him…’

(I actually laughed, and said “that’s my boy!” proper stallion…)


I’m at work, the livery yard owner (friends with sanctuary owner) rings me up, I immediately assume it’s about the horses at the yard (we have 2 others). It wasn’t, it was about stallioano.

I start to go “oh no, what has he done now”

Her exact words were: “erm, he got into a fight, then went charging towards the open gate to get away, then missed the gate cause of his blind side…and erm, went straight into a tree and knocked himself out”

Me: … ‘WHAT?’ I immediately asked the obvious, is he okay, is he up etc, when I realised he was I said ‘For fucks sake, what a dick’ I then couldn’t help but laugh, because you have to understand. This horse was beyond normal…I had reached the point where he just could not, I repeat could NOT surprise me anymore. After a lengthy phone call (55 minutes) it was agreed not to let him go through anymore, I mean if he knocked himself out, he could have brain damage, (if he hadn’t already). If he charged any faster he could’ve killed himself OR the young girl who was panicking and opened the gate for him…

It was only a matter of time before my gorgeous boy, hurt himself to the point of no return, or killed someone else. We all agreed we couldn’t let that happen. Even the sanctuary owner, who specialises in SPECIAL horses might I add, admitted she’s never seen anything like this. He definitely was not normal…


I carry on with my day, knowing he wouldn’t be there in the evening. I get a message at 11ish saying it’s been done. the yard owner was there with him which made me feel better, she said there was something not right with him. He was tied up, and wasn’t blinking, just staring into space. To me, that said that he knew or that there was something worse going on upstairs that we couldn’t see.

She took some tail for me to turn into a bracelet, so I have something other than photographs of him. I stayed strong all day, until I looked back on our short but educational journey. He was my first horse, and my first boy. I will never forget him. He’s now somewhere where he can’t hurt himself anymore. That is the only way I can forgive myself for letting him go so early.



FullSizeRender 2.jpg

I will always remember you my baby ❤️🌈

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