The beginning of a Photographic Journey

Hey all,

The past week and or so has been as usual chaotic! The last post I mentioned about going to the Lake District. IT was BEAUTIFUL. I was not there long enough though 😕

I dug out my old Nikon DSLR, and decided I paid a lot of money for this…I might as well use it and make beautiful art 😂

There was something quite relaxing about snapping everything that I deemed beautiful. Which might I add…was EVERYTHING


There’s obviously loads more, but I’ve edited the ones I Love more haha.

Since I’ve been home, I decided to play around with the camera and improve my photography skills.

I LOVE LIGHTROOM! It’s amazing, why haven’t I discovered it before hand!!

Feel free to wonder over to my Instagram page, where you’ll find random pictures of animals (YAY Animals 🐶) Random landscapes, and also my Cosplaying/Sewing Journey!


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