Howdy Y’all!

Welcome to my virtual abode. My name is Eloira, I’m a wannabe Cosplayer, Animal lover, gamer, and a wannabe Writer.


So far I’ve made two costumes, Loki (Dark World style) and Rapunzel. I’m learning to be better at sewing and better at just being confident!

Animal Lover:

okay, here’s my list of Fur children- 2 Horses, 4 Rabbits, 2 Budgies, 3 Dogs and 2 Cats.

Here’s me doggies ❤️

My Gorgeous Children


I’ll be using this website to add short stories here and there. I’m working on a book, currently at 27k words. The short stories are to assist my brain by decluttering 😂


For now, enjoy the page,